Paperless delivery is a type of Special Delivery in which the tickets are associated with the original card used to purchase the tickets on the primary market.

If the seller has purchased the tickets using a credit card, we will arrange for you and the seller to meet at the venue so that they can present their card to allow you, and other customers, entry to the event.

If the seller has purchased the tickets using a prepaid gift card when ordering the tickets, this gift card will then be shipped to you or be held at a convenient location for pick up on the day of the event. Please note that while there is no balance on this card, all of the ticket information is on it, so it's important not to damage or misplace it. There will be no need for you to stop at the box office or will call window before you arrive at the gate. All of the tickets will be on this single card, so your entire party must enter together.

You will be handed a print out of your section, row, and seat numbers once the card is swiped, so you will be able to find your seats once inside.